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Fine Art Prints
Greeting Cards
All images featured in Mark's galleries are available as fine art photographic prints. Most images are available in final matted dimensions of 8”x10”, 11”x14”, and 18"x24", but some lower resolution images are limited to 11"x14". Each fine art print is signed by Mark, and includes image information on the back. See pricing information below.
Mark’s handcrafted 5”x7” greeting cards are made on natural cardstock and feature a 4”x6” photographic print mounted on the front. Each card is signed by Mark, and includes image information on the back. Custom printing on the inside of the card is available for an addition fee. See pricing information below.

Fine-art Prints

Product Photography
Personal Instruction
Mark offers detailed product photography, performed in his studio. Each item is photographed in multiple layouts, with post-processing included. See pricing information below.

Mark offers personal instruction in wildflower macro photography. The 4 hour field course takes place in locations in the Snowy Range and the Pole Mt. area, both near Laramie, WY. See pricing information below.


Handcrafted Greeting cards
Orders of 25 or less:
Orders of 26-50:
Orders of 50 or more:
Custom printing on the inside of each card:

$8.00 / card
$7.50 / card
$7.00 / card
$1.00 / card

Fine Art prints
Matted to 8” x 10”:
Matted to 11” x 14”:
Matted to 18" x 24":
**For framed images, contact Works of Wyoming Art Gallery in Laramie**

$40 / image
$65 / image
$120 / image
Product Photography
Product count of 20 or less:
Product count of 21 or more:

$25 / item
$20 / item
Personal Instruction
4 hour field course in wildflower macro photography:
**Currently unavailable**

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