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Studio in the Field Collection
Photomicrography Collection
The images found within this collection are of subjects photographed in their natural environment. Mark painstakingly composes his photos with minimal disruption to the subjects, and creates unique lighting conditions in order to isolate and highlight his subjects without the use of Photoshop. Mark's efforts have resulted in the lighting effects and backgrounds seen throughout this collection.

The images found within this collection are of preserved insect specimens photographed at extreme magnifications in Mark's studio. Mark uses modified equipment and specialized lenses from the early 70's to achieve levels of optical magnification seldom seen in macro photography.





Insect Wings

Butterfly Wings

Landscape, Travel, and Adventure Collection
The images in this collection were taken over the last few decades during some of Mark's travels and adventures. With the exception of all the images in the Maine gallery, and a few other images, the majority of the images in this collection were taken on 35mm slide film, and later digitized.


The West




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